The Los Angeles Project

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January 5 – January 21, 2013

The Imaginative Action Regime is an abstract organization that mixes absurdist humor with idealistic 1960s radicalism in the contemporary milieu. The Regime’s first big collective body of work, titled The Los Angeles Project, is a reaction to The Manhattan Project. Ideally, if we can make something insanely destructive out of science, then surely we can also build something insanely productive out of art.

Under this heading, we temporarily walk away from our computers, roll up our sleeves, and unearth dialogues with our hands. We sift through the rubble. We dig for a messy thought or hopeful thread that binds us with one another as human beings.

Richard Froude, Jim Goar, Matthew Langley, Dan Chelotti, Grace Yukich, and Jonathan Yukich contribute letters, documents, and poems on the current condition and climate in America.

Stacy Elaine Dacheux uses recycled materials, graphite, and acrylic paint on handmade wooden panels to visually translate and continue the conversation.

More information on the Los Angeles Project

Stacy Elaine Dacheux was born in Boston and for the past seven years has resided in Los Angeles, CA. Her visual art is not so much about creating a pretty product as it is about conducting experiments, translating found gestures, or developing case studies in response to the following questions– Anthropologically, in a technological age, why do we still desire/need the hand-drawn messy line in poetry and art? Sociologically, amidst nuclear anxiety and terrorism, where so much of the enemy is unthinkable, how can we (why do we) still embrace abstraction? In addition to having pieces rest in private collections throughout the US, she has exhibited in Mexico, Colorado, Alabama, Massachusetts, and Los Angeles– where she most recently performed her “future portraits” piece at Concord Space. She looks for art every day at