The Politics of the Print Shop

Added on by Guy Pettit.

If you'd like to participate you'll need to attend the first Open House or make other arrangements to stop in (between 5/19 – 5/21).....but please note participants ***must*** attend discussions/be part of the process. 

Please come with ideas + generosity of spirit and without expectations! This is a collaborative project :)

Open House (5/19 at 5:30pm):

+ Define "Print Shop"
+ Define goals of the project 
+ Define themes that we think need to be researched
+ Choose the theme we're most interested in exploring
+ Discuss examples of the things we could do to explore those themes, for example: make a movie, book, or poster, take pictures, write an essay, conduct an interview, etc.

Discussion 1 (5/26 at 5:30pm):

+ Participants return with a short description (1-2 paragraphs) of what they'll be researching and what they plan to make
+ Discuss how to produce the work and consider how everything is fitting together/what's missing
+ Plan the organization/arrangement of the exhibition with everybody's work in mind

Discussion 2 (6/9 at 5:30pm): 

+ Participants will return with their work (at whatever stage it's in) and talk about what was researched, how, and why they chose to make what they did
+ Plan the publication & reception

June 15:

+ Deadline for work to be included in exhibition/publication
Drop-off between: 10am-12pm & 2pm-7pm 

June 20, 6-8pm:

+ Opening reception & publication distribution 


Email with questions/concerns/etc.