Call for entries (any medium*, including text): 

For the month of March, 2015, we plan to hold an exhibition of portraits of women who we admire and look up to, that have positively influenced us personally or in our work, whose work is important to us. 

Our definition of portrait here is open to interpretation—from abstraction, to illustration, prints, to texts, to video, photography, sound pieces, to traditional portrait. Unfortunately we cannot accept large sculptural works. The important thing is that the work celebrates someone specific. How you choose to depict that person is entirely up to you. 

This exhibition will run through the end of March, when there will be a two-day gathering at Flying Object that we're calling Where We Stumble: Dismantling Rape Sub-Culture. Those two days will consist of panel discussions, zine assembly, small group conversation, and performances. More information and a registration form can be found here

***NOTE: This portrait exhibition is only related to the Where We Stumble event in that it's at Flying Object and will be up during those two days. Rather than have an exhibition generated by our residency program (our focus) during those days, we thought it would be beneficial to have something up that is unmistakably positive and celebratory, rather than entirely unrelated. We do not see these two programs as correlative.

All work must be dropped off at Flying Object (42 West Street, Hadley, MA) on the following dates/times:

Sunday, March 1st from 12-5PM
Monday, March 2nd from 2-6PM 
Tuesday, March 3rd from 9AM-6PM

Work can also be mailed to:

Flying Object
PO Box 1146
Northampton, MA 01060

Important: Work that is mailed will NOT be returned and may not be saved, so please, don't mail us anything that you would be sad to never see again. If you're mailing work, make sure to include your name/portrait subject's name/phone number/email somewhere in the package.

Work that is dropped off can be PICKED UP on the following dates/times: 

Monday, March 30th from 2-6PM 
Tuesday, March 31st from 9AM-6PM

Also Important: Work that is dropped and not picked up on the dates/times mentioned above may not be saved. 

Also also Important: By mailing or dropping off your work for this exhibition you agree to release us of liability for any damage or loss to the submitted work.

In other words, we will of course treat your submission with respect but understand that this isn't a show where we will be tiptoeing around the artwork. We will put up everything we receive, which might mean using ceilings, corners, etc. 

Opening Reception: March 7th from 6-8pm 

We hope you all submit something or many things and please help us spread the word!

IF  YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS SEND A MESSAGE TO: guy [at] flying-object [org] 

Frida Kahlo by Maira Kalman

Frida Kahlo by Maira Kalman