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A tribute to Tomaž Šalamun

A reading, tribute, and celebration of the poet and poems of Tomaž Šalamun (1941-2014). 

Over the years when Tomaž Šalamun visited western Massachusetts he transformed those he met and knew. His actions, conversations, readings, workshop he taught for UMass MFA for Poets and Writers, opinions, declarations, warnings, revelations, affirmations, passions, love and fierce intensity and, most of all, his poems, changed everyone he and his work reached.  We love him.  

We will spend a couple of hours early Sunday evening on January 25th reading his work.  Everyone is invited to bring a poem of his to read.  Hosts for the evening are Dara Wier, Peter Gizzi and Emily Pettit. You can be in touch with Dara Wier ( if you need anything.  Be sure you have a few poems with you for it is possible that some will be chosen by more than one person and you may want to have a few choices.

               Now I know, sometimes I was a rooster, sometimes a roe.
               I know I had bullets in my body, they crumble away now.
               How beautifully I breathe.
               I feel I am being ironed, it doesn't burn at all.

                                                       —T.S. "Red Flowers"