SCORES - Roots, Branches & Mammal #2

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Root, Branch & Mammal: A Monthly Bulletin of Animal Discourse (1970) seems to have only made it to two issues, the second of which features (probably poached) contributions from Michael McClure, Charles Olson, Wilhelm Reich, & Jack Spicer, as well as an offer for a free copy of John Wieners' Ace of Pentacles, 100 copies of which the editor acquired "by way of  a happy occasion."

That editor, going here by "Mammal", was Allen Van Newkirk---a poet, editor, activist, environmentalist and early advocate of Bioregionalism (aka 'Eat Local'). Van Newkirk is probably most well knows as the "assassin" who "shot" Kenneth Koch during a reading at St. Mark's in 1968.  There's more on that here and here. There's not much biographical information available on Van Newkirk online, besides news of his arrest in 2004, at age 64, for robbing a Toys 'R Us and getting into a shootout with Canadian Mounties. It seems he may have died last year, although, if that is the same Allen Van Newkirk, his death appears to have gone unremarked upon.


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