Soundtrack to a Mind: Daniel J. Cashman

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Trouble by Lindsey Buckingham on Grooveshark

Lindsey’s sorta hit “Trouble” has been resonating in a REPEAT way for me in the last couple weeks and it’s unexpected.

Well, first off, I’ve been resistant to joining my peers in da post-caring embrace of BAD Fleetwood Mac. I even resisted Tusk until just yesterday.

Then, I make it my business to be familiar with all manner of hits, and sorta hits, and also rans, and failures in the pop arena, particularly in that whole 1980s decade; I don’t recall ever knowing/hearing this one.

C, I found it by throwing the word “trouble” into the youtube search bar, because I’m either usually in trouble or at least called “trouble.”

And then what happens is the goofy-assed, mindless search yields song that is amazing, bounces around my skull, makes me think I’m the one singing it.

You know how that goes…

And furthermore, I really, really, really listen to music on wax…that’s what I do, but the dollar bins around here have been devoid of LB’s law and Order as far as I can tell…and I’m good at finding things!

So, I play the youtube clip over and over, and my wretched eyes in the morning are affixed to this computer screen. The snare in the intro count-off really propels me, compels me into further recesses of my chair.

The computer is my home, the song is playing as I sift through whatever trouble I’m in. I’m soothed into my existence by this crooning more than maybe my coffee can. Coffee Can.

While I’m being so comfortable of course, I have to do something…I can’t just keep up on the feed like everybody else, or most people, or the masses, or whathaveyou: whatever.

Y’see, I be OK by Tron-ing into some kind of neon grid and ripping some mystery off of found video and bestilling it and laying it out, obsessively…mostly for the youth.

It just gets me in more trouble, but as long as I got the song, I feel fine. Oh yeah, listen to the song, you’ll feel “fine” too.


Daniel J. Cashman is a DJ, visual artist, “musician,” VHS collector, and writer based in Northampton, MA. His collection of video stills and such is available for your pleasure at Some writing can be found at He can be contacted at