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Blood and Guts in High School: Kathy Acker

Don Quixote: Kathy Acker

Great Expectations: Kathy Acker

Feminist Killjoys (And Other Willful Subjects): Sara Ahmed

Cruel OptimismLauren Berlant

An Army of Lovers: David Buuck & Juliana Spahr

A Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon: CAConrad

Awkward: A Detour: Mary Cappello

Murder: Danielle Collobert

Varieties of Disturbance: Lydia Davis

Leash: Jane Delynn

Airless Spaces: Shulamith Firestone

The Antidote: Jackqueline Frost

Music for Porn: Rob Halpern

Against Love: Laura Kipnis

I LOVE DICK: Chris Kraus

Testo Junkie: Sex, Drugs, and Biopolitics in the Pharmacopornographic Era: Beatriz Preciado

The Cow: Ariana Reines

Coeur de Lion: Ariana Reines

Mercury: Ariana Reines

Unknown Pleasures: Anna Vitale

The Twelve Houses: Coda Wei (Debbie Hu)

The Autobiography of Malcolm X: Malcolm X

By Any Means Necessary: Malcolm X


CENTER JENNYRyan Trecartin

Beau Travail: Claire Denis

The Last Days of British Honduras: Catherine Sullivan

Everything Else Has Failed! Don't You Think It's Time for Love?: Sharon Hayes

Darling’s Room: Jesse Darling

Bohemian Rhapsody, Live in Montreal (1981): Queen

Belle du Jour: Luis Buñuel (1967)

Marketa Lazarová: František Vláčil (1967)

Fat Girl: Catherine Breillat (2004)

My Bodies: Hannah Black (2014)

Fall: Hannah Black (2014)

{Deliverance} Of A Serpent Daughter Possessed By An Alphabet Of Funeral Flowers: Jackie Wang

I Am Not A Human Being: Antibody Corporation

Public Feelings Salon with Lauren Berlant at Barnard College



Ontological Hysteric Theater: Richard Foreman

Young Jean Lee: Untitled Feminist Show

Mats Ek and Sylvie Guillem: Smoke

Deborah Hay: At OncePart I & Part II

Nature Theater of OklahomaNo Dice