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About the Initiative for Young Writers:

Flying Object’s Initiative for Young Writers aims to provide a forum and a space for young people to engage and immerse themselves in the power of the imagination, the wonder of the word, the art of the book and letterpress, and the process of creative exploration. Through our free studio workshops, kids—both big and small—can be inspired to enjoy and produce both collaborative and independent work, discovering new ways of bringing pen to paper, thought to passage, and innovative ideas into the world.

By implementing a curriculum that blends emerging and traditional arts with education and skill-sharing, the FO Young Writers Studio Workshop will work to provide a navigational flight plan and a secure launching point for creative exploration. Our commitment to expanding and deepening both understanding and expression in the language arts is founded on the belief that our youth can use their creativity as a vital tool to pursue and excel in their education, build community, and to better know themselves.

Our aim is not to bring a definitive method of teaching, nor to endorse short flights of fancy, but to inspire a life-long love of reading, writing, and creative thinking.

To make this program as accessible as possible, Flying Object has worked hard to offer its youth writing workshops at no cost to its participants, thanks to the many generous offers of time, energy, and resources of Flying Object volunteers, community members, and partnering organizations.

Who We Are: 

Our instructors and volunteers are made up of poets and writers, graduate, postgraduate, and undergraduate students and instructors of the creative arts; we are dedicated and passionate about sharing our life-long love of literature. We believe in the power of language and creativity to both exalt and humble us, to teach us things about courage, honesty, and the process of development.

We aim to do more than simply organize a program: we aim to create a collaborative and independent community for our youth, to inspire and engage our students to not only learn but also enjoy the art and skill of reading, writing, and creative thinking.  As creative writing instructors and volunteers, we’ve discovered that working with youth on literacy and creativity is an exchange that benefits both student and teacher, serving to build a community of active learners that can bridge generations. The Flying Object Initiative for Young Writers invites you to imagine and build with us.

For More Information:

For program information & enrollment please contact our Program Coordinator, Charlene Choi at youthwriting [at]

For partnership inquiries contact our Executive Director, Guy Pettit at guy [at]

Schools, libraries, bookstores, anybody—download a PDF of our informational brochure.