To Daniel Grossberg – Andy Stallings

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To Daniel Grossberg – Andy Stallings


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12 pp., 4.75 x 8.5 in.
Letterpress cover with b&w risograph interior.

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in retrograde with
meticulous ladeling
of sauce with weeping
in empty libraries &
tremendous vinegar
everywhere with
soft power economies
geodesic interiors
with dissolving spheres
of influence & with
revolution balanced
by revolution &
again revolution with
traveling back from
some outpost & with
speaking from one
at all moments 

Andy Stallings recently moved from New Orleans to Deerfield, where he'll teach at Deerfield Academy. He's an editor of THERMOS magazine, and his first book of poems, To the Heart of the World, will be published by Rescue Press in fall 2014.

This pamphlet was submitted*, chosen*, edited, designed, printed, and bound in a single day: September 1, 2014.