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Experimental Electronic Music: Andrea Pensado and Jake Meginsky

November 12, 2014
$5 (tickets available at the door)

Argentinian sound artist Andrea Pensado joins Jake Meginsky to present solo sets of electronic music.


Andrea Pensado began playing piano as a girl, with private instruction. She obtained her BA in Music Education from the University of La Plata in 1987.  In 1997, she moved back to Buenos Aires. In 1998, she cofounded an interdisciplinary duo (Qfwfq) along, with Gregory Kowalski (in charge of the images). While still in Buenos Aires, the duo often worked with the collaboration of solo performers (Martín Moore, Lucio Capece, Adriana de los Santos). They presented their work in many events in Buenos Aires, including the Cycle of Electronic and Experimental Music (in the Museum of Modern Art); the International Sound Art  Festival EXPERIMENTA; the Cycle of Contemporary Music at the San Martin Theatre; the Experimental Video Festival (in the Museum of Fine Arts) and the Ricardo Rojas Arts Center.

In 2002, Pensado moved to the USA. At first, she continued performing with Qfwfq, mainly in the Boston area. The duo channeled most of her artistic work from 1999 to 2009. 

Presently, Pensado has been performing solos and has played with, among others: Walter Wright, Jules Vasylenko, I’d M Thfft Able, Forbes Graham, Ben Miller, Luther Gray, Junko Fujiwara, Todd Brunel, Audrey Chen, Lou Cohen, Dave Ross, Adriana de los Santos, Glynis Lomon, Dave Bryant, Emilie Mouchous, Gustavo Aguilar, Chris Lavery, Mark Miller, Ava Mendoza, Borah Bergman, Davindar Singh, Zavoloka, Alexei Borisov, Mimi Rabson, Angela Sawyer, Jack Wright, Bob Falesch, Ben Bennett, Mark Johnson, Mike Dailey, Jill Burton, Stephanie Lak, Shayna Dulberger and Chris Welcome. 

She continues using MaxMSP as her main programming tool. The approach to programming and performance is highly intuitive. Occasionally, the combination of the performance situation, the often abrasive sounds, the irrational use of the voice and the inherent uncertainty of improvisations contributes to discoveries of unknown places in her mind.

Jake Meginsky (percussion/electronics/installation) has collaborated and performed with such artists as Milford Graves, Alvin Lucier, Joan Labarbara, Kim Gordon, Vic Rawlings, Greg Kelley, Bhob Rainey, Joe McPhee, Thurston Moore, William Parker, John Blum, Daniel Carter, Paul Flaherty, Arthur Brooks, Bill Nace, and John Truscinski.

HUCK magazine describes Meginsky’s work as “constantly transgressing the boundaries between acoustic and electronic, analog and digital.” David Keenan recently called Meginsky’s 2014 solo record, L’appel Du Vide, “a hallucinatory electro percussion masterpiece” and in the WIRE Magazine review of the album, Nick Cain wrote, “the album uses little more than a couple of sounds, extracting often head spinning complexity from a minimum of means.”

 His recordings can be found on Feeding Tube Records (Northampton, MA), Rel Records (Providence, RI), Open Mouth Records (Northampton, MA), Hells Half Halo (Seattle, WA), Wooden Finger Records (Belgium), Ultra Eczema Records (Belgium), and Ecstatic Peace Records (Northampton, MA). He recently remixed Body/Head’s (Kim Gordon & Bill Nace) “Last Mistress” for Matador Records (NYC). 

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