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Moving Parts (a comedy) [a symposium]

an informal symposium
on modular units and serial structures
in poetic, photographic, and intermedia arts

a series of readings, performances, slideshows, and roundtable talks by:

Deville Cohen, Constance DeJong, Lewis Freedman, Michael Kasper, Claudia La Rocco, Anna Moschovakis, Emmalea Russo, Anne Tardos, Hannah Whitaker, & Matvei Yankelevich

5pm — Act I - 5 to 6:30pm - followed by Q&A
7pm — Intermedia (dinner, catered, with vegan/GF options)
8pm — Act II - 8 to 9:30pm - followed by Q&A

given in a curated and visually transformed environment (on the premises and grounds of Flying Object) in order to propose, muse upon, entertain, and discuss modular making, information sequencing, the workings of technologies in art, and the differentiation of patterning— found (natural) and programmed (human/mechanical).

what is a unit? what is a pattern?
what is a found element? what is seriality?

these and other questions may be raised and posed to the audience and participants for further discussion.

Presented under ResidencyX


ResidencyX is supported in part by The National Endowment for the Arts, and the The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts, Nan and Matilda Heydt Fund administered by Bank of America, Trustee, Credit Data Services, Inc. Fund