Located in Hadley, Massachusetts, a farm town bordering Amherst and Northampton in New England’s Connecticut River Valley, ResidencyX is a curatorial residency open to individuals working in a wide range of creative fields including poetry, visual art, filmmaking, performance, music, and design.

This residency program is intended to provide qualified individuals the time, space, and resources to carry out an individualized, interactive project that engages with both Flying Object’s community and its physical space.

ResidencyX is a program designed to emphasize the importance of influential texts, rigorous production, and critical engagement with one’s own work as principles that guide its exhibitions, publications, lectures, and performances. Experimental micro-libraries and checklists related to each resident's work will be available to the public at Flying Object and as a bibliographies online. Residents will be encouraged to use items from these libraries as source material for reading groups, workshops, and projects, as well as contribute and suggest additional items for inclusion. 

Operating out of a former fire station, Flying Object functions as an intimate project space that hosts readings, performances, screenings, art exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and informal gatherings, providing residents and audiences with opportunities to experience and participate in programs that emphasize a critical approach to creative practice. 

ResidencyX is supported in part by The National Endowment for the Arts, and the The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts, Nan and Matilda Heydt Fund administered by Bank of America, Trustee, Credit Data Services, Inc. Fund,