(Soma)tic Poetry Rituals: Cartography Workshop with CAConrad

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(Soma)tic Poetry Rituals: Cartography Workshop with CAConrad


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Saturday, Sept. 13th, from 11am-3:30pm
Sunday, Sept. 14th, from 11am-3:30pm
Wednesday, Sept. 17th, from 5:30-7:30pm
Saturday, Sept. 20th, from 11am-3:30pm

(Soma)tic poetry rituals provide a window into the creative viability of everything around us, initiating an extreme present.  In our Flying Object workshops we will create poems from notes of maps we draw, maps of each other, veins of the room, from the flow of sap and thoughts inside a tree, a pen infused with one inexplicably beautiful day.  The map and the poem have endless possibilities!  For a recent example “Ant Cartography,” go to this link: http://bit.ly/1mKvwzO

With (Soma)tics we will learn how even in crisis we can thrive through the poems, as well as learn to collaborate in unexpected ways with other artistic disciplines.  Soon we’ll all agree with Alice Notley saying, “poetry’s so common hardly anyone can find it.”

Please see the linked PDF–INTRODUCTION to (Soma)tic Poetry Rituals for more information. 

CAConrad is the author of seven books including ECODEVIANCE: (Soma)tics for the Future Wilderness (Wave Books, 2014), A BEAUTIFUL MARSUPIAL AFTERNOON (Wave Books, 2012) and The Book of Frank (Wave Books, 2010).  A 2014 Lannan Fellow, a 2013 MacDowell Fellow, and a 2011 Pew Fellow, he also conducts workshops on (Soma)tic poetry and Ecopoetics.  Visit him online at http://CAConrad.blogspot.com

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So, for example, if you sign up for Creative Writing and pay a $200 class fee, only to realize you were selected as a contestant in newest season of The Bachelor and shouldn’t have signed up after all, Flying Object will refund you $180 of your tuition payment.

Once the class begins, the class fee is non-refundable.