Flying Room : Mayer, Coolidge, Fagin, et al.

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November 3 – December 5, 2010


A partial catalog of the new exhibition:

BOOKS BY MAYER *first editions unless otherwise indicated* Midwinter Day $30 Memory $50 Ceremony Latin (1964). Shark Books reprint. 1/500. New. $5 The Basketball Article. With Anne Waldman. Shark Books reprint. 1/500. New. $5 The Cave. With Clark Coolidge. New. $16

Books by Mayer’s friends, collaborators, discoveries, Angel Hairs: titles by Clark Coolidge (several scarce titles, including his Unaugural Poem w/ Larry Fagin), Michael Gizzi, Aram Saroyan (his first book, signed), FafiVito Acconci, covers and collaborations with Rosemary Mayer


0 to 9: The Complete Magazine. Co-edited w/ Vito Acconci. Ugly Duckling Presse. Lost Literature Series. New $40

United Artists

UNITED ARTISTS ONE. November 1977. First state, with errata slip present. This is it. Mayer’s hilarious “Easy Pudding” kicks it all off, a collab, from Pieces of Cake, with co-editor Warsh closes it out. In between, Coolidge, Warsh, Metcalf. $100

Steve Carey, The California Papers. $25

Alice Notley, Songs for the Unborn Second Baby. Signed. $75

Lewis Warsh, Hives. $25


Steve Carey, 20 Poems. First edition with a cover by Alice Notley in 1989. Signed “To Steve / Steve Carey”. $75

WORKSHOP. 100+ page mimeo documenting Mayer’s St. Mark’s workshop which met more or less weekly (all dates documented) from 10-2-72 to 7-3-73. Copyright Bernadette Mayer, printed in the USA, July 1973. A number of poems signed simply Bernadette. Experiments including Proust/Joyce tape, a collaboration with Ed Bowes (who made the striking Einstein cover). $50


ANGEL HAIR CATALOGUE 9. (Late 1974 or early 1975.) Brainard cover. Several poems scattered throughout, including Mayer’s “Inventing Stasis” from ANGEL HAIR #2 (1966). Also entry for MOVING (1971) $3(!). Scarce Angel Hair / Brainard / Mayer item. $60

OCULIST WITNESSES. Number 3. Fall 1976. Ed. Alan Davies. Final (?) of Davies’ Dorchester-based Duchampathon. Contains the earliest appearance of Mayer’s collaboration with Coolidge that decades later became THE CAVE (Adventures in Poetry) among other gems. $30

REINDEER. One of two one-offs (SEAPLANE the other: we have it too!) edited by the underrated Carter Ratcliff (ask after Fever Coast).  Very scarce. $75

THIS 8. Ed. Barrett Watten. Contains Mayer’s only poems (“1977″ and “The Heart of the Hare”) in the classic proto-L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E rag. (She had prose in 7 and 9.) Also Perelman’s “How to Improve,” Robinson’s name-giving “In the American Tree,” Coolidge’s dizzying “A Page That Is Nothing But Words Written By Itself,” Watten’s rattling “Silence,” Benson translating a screenplay by Desnos, Hejinian’s “Water and Stories,” Grenier’s “s a cold place or s space a space cold space place,” three by Greenwald, Palmer’s “How They Locate,” Davies on Beuys, Andrews, more Benson, Berkson. One of the best THISes. $20

THE WORLD: A New York City Literary Magazine. NO. 12. June 1968. Scheeman The legendary mimeo mag “published by the Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church-in-the-Bowery” and edited by Anne Waldman and Lewis Warsh. “Contributing editor: Ted Berrigan.” In addition to Mayer’s “Half A Chair,” great contributions from, among many, Ashbery (including collaborations with Harwood and Schuyler), Berkson, Brautigan, Brodey (It is Tuesday, a word among the names of weekday.) Carroll, Elmslie, Fagin (“Rhymes of a Jerk”, Ginsberg, Godfrey, North, O’Hara, Padgett (“Autumn’s Day”: Rilke walks toward a dime. I saw. / It was very great…”Who has no home cannot build now,” / Said Rilke to a grasshopper.), Ratcliff, Schuyler, and Wieners, who opens the issue: I am the poet of your life. Last few pages loose, with Neugroschel’s “it’s a poem” annotation, referring to the ink bleeding through on the back cover. $30

THE WORLD # 35. Translations issue. Bernadette and Rosemary Mayer translate “3 from the Greek Anthology”. Amazing issue: O’Hara’s Hölderlin, Fanny Howe’s Gospel Accroding to Thomas, Berrigan’s Apollinaire, etc. $20

THE WORLD #45. Cover by Rosemary Mayer, whose 41 Fabric Swatches was one of five 0 to 9 Books. $15.