Joshua Vrysen : FOG BOX/BAT ME

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April 12 – May 13, 2012

western massachusetts resident Joshua Vrysen (1980 – ) makes pencil drawings (and then makes booklets of these drawings).

some things he’s thinking about while making them:

-marks/movement with resolute intent -other possible worlds / other actual realities -setting up an idea -setting up a situation -no actual fixing of mistakes, only forward motion -puzzles / battles / games -an unaltered static rendering of the past -not taking up too much space -trying to bend or break personal rules and restraints

copies of his books Wheel of Doom/We Love Doom will be available at Flying Object, and can be found online at CHIPSYLVANIA and PRINTED MATTER (where there is also some decent writing about what is what.)

(important: hagakure, gothic futurism, mothers news, style wars, kobo abe, italo calvino, stanislaw lem, chess, comic books, bicycles, terrence mallick, masaki kobayashi, all sounds, so many other drawers and makers.)

An interview with Joshua