Matthea Harvey & Amy Jean Porter : The Words and Pictures Show

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August 31 – September 23, 2012

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For our book collaboration, Of Lamb, our roles were strictly defined. Matthea erased the poems into being and Amy Jean created the paintings. For this show, in which we’re exhibiting our solo work in text and image, we also wanted to try a more fluid collaboration. The textblots reproduced here are the result of a glorious afternoon we spent feeding the text “words and pictures show” into an anagram generator, making a living room floor-full of inkblots, then pairing the text with the image.

— Matthea Harvey & Amy Jean Porter (August 2012)

Matthea Harvey is the author of six books, most recently a book of poems, Modern Life, an illustrated erasure, Of Lamb (with Amy Jean Porter) and a children’s book, Cecil the Pet Glacier (with Giselle Potter). This is her first art show.

Amy Jean Porter has drawn more than 1,200 species of animals for her ongoing project “All Species, All the Time.” She’s had solo shows in New York, Chicago, and Paris, and her drawings have been featured in Cabinet, FlauntMeatpaper, The Awl, and elsewhere. Her first book, Of Lamb, a collaboration with the poet Matthea Harvey, was recently published by McSweeney’s.