CHAT (11)

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31 days, 31 poems by Chris Martin, 31 accompanying illustrations and images by a host of wonderful individuals. CHAT is an eclogue written in consort with Cleverbot, an Artificial Intelligence program designed to satisfy the Turing Test. Today’s visuals by Jeff Griffin. ______________________________________________________________________________


What did you just say?

Is this the first day that doesn’t alter everything irrevocably?

When were you talking about not being clever?

Midst of my blinding instinct to flee.

The fact that it is okay that I thought you did is a relief.


What city?  I live in one as well.


In which country?


I personally love any Italian food.

What of the part of us that needs to be wronged into unknowing?

Nah, pop is better.

Hurt glory of moving through all this.

Yes you are.

Repetition that begets a bored eroticism.

I’m not playing a game.

Repetition that begets a bored eroticism.

That’s fine.  I’m too bored to sleep right now.

Then we’ll just have to fuck.

We need loud music and beer.

The hurt glory of moving through all this.

Jeff Griffin is an artist.

Chris Martin is the author of Becoming Weather (Coffee House, 2011) and American Music (Copper Canyon, 2007). His chapbooks include enough (Ugly Duckling, 2012) and How to Write a Mistake-ist Poem (Brave Men, 2011).