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31 days, 31 poems by Chris Martin, 31 accompanying illustrations and images by a host of wonderful individuals. CHAT is an eclogue written in consort with Cleverbot, an Artificial Intelligence program designed to satisfy the Turing Test. Today’s visuals by Jono Tosch. ______________________________________________________________________________


What do you suppose I want from you?

Nothing you answer.

I will ask you one question for each day of one month.

Why do you want to harm me and my family?

Is there malice in becoming number?

Oh, THAT problem!!


The opposite of no.

What do you suppose I come here for?

To help me.

Jono Tosch is a poet and food writer. Visit for more.

Chris Martin is the author of Becoming Weather (Coffee House, 2011) and American Music (Copper Canyon, 2007). His chapbooks include enough (Ugly Duckling, 2012) and How to Write a Mistake-ist Poem (Brave Men, 2011).