The Machinations Of: Small Fires Press

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In this short but sweet installment we hear from Friedrich Kerksieck about his publishing outfit Small Fires Press.

His work is always surprising, innovative, and downright beautiful.

1.)    Who do you imagine your ideal reader to be?

In love with collaboration & the love of the handmade.

2.)    How did your press start?

In a wasp infested apartment making tiny paper booklets after visiting Walter Hamady & an exhibit of his work in 2004.

3.)    What other presses do you imagine to be in the same aesthetic constellation as you?

Folks who touch every page of every book at least once before they send them out into the world. (Cuneiform PressUDPGreying Ghost.Pilot BooksHigh 5 PressCannibal BooksDouble Cross PressBrave Men Press. (just for a start))

4.)    If you had infinite funds or resources, what do you imagine your books/prints/chapbooks would look like?

I would first build a dozen new arms. Then I’d decide.

5.)    What do you want the future of publishing to look like?

I’m always being surprised by a new something here or a fresh egg there. I hope it stays just like that forever for whoever is looking.

Find out more and purchase titles from Small Fires Press here.


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