Soundtrack to a Mind: C.S. Ward

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Christmas Fantasy, Pt. 2 by John Fahey on Grooveshark

We’re gonna fire up this feature in conjunction with the coming solstice and the impending doom of holiday music crowding some of our most beloved radio feelings.  This once a week feature will host the musical mind of a guest DJ who will enlighten us with their singular song selection. I thought I’d start this off, cause I have a special relationship with the holidays; for one, christmas perennially runs over my birthday (Dec. 26th). Beyond the commercial christmas scene, what is really going on? The streets become eerie and I break out my John Fahey Christmas Album. I take in the baroque pickings and imagine I am living in a christmas movie directed by  Wim Wenders. Enjoy!


C.S. Ward

p.s.: Check out  24 hour christmas weirdness from WPRB in Princeton, NJ:  Jon Solomon’s 24th  year of delivering the best/ strangest christmas music of all time.  Also, runner up, from Ages, Walkin’ with the Child.