SoftSpot : Game Night

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April 19 – May 12, 2013

SOFTSPOT and Flying Object invites everyone to come explore the space that exists between social practice and the creative process.  During this event we will have drinks, play games and socialize.  The ephemera left over from this event will then be collected, examined, reorganized and curated into an exhibition that looks at drawing as a utilitarian and social practice.

How to play Telephone

1. Sit in a circle of people.
2. Give everyone a stack of the same amount of papers that there are people
in the circle, and a pencil.
3. Each person must write a word or phrase – anything – on the top paper
of his stack. What is written can be as common (“Stop, drop and roll”) or
nonsensical (“giraffe on fire”) as one wishes.
4. When every person has written his opening words on the paper, each
person passes his whole stack to the right.
5. Now everyone has a new stack of paper with a phrase on top. Moving
that paper to the bottom, on the next piece of paper, the phrase must be
6. When every person has illustrated his neighbor’s phrase, they pass that
whole stack of papers to the right.
7. Without referencing the original phrase, each person must now place
the drawing on the bottom of the stack, and on the next paper, write the
phrase they believe best corresponds with the drawing.
8. When everyone has written, the stack travels again to the right, and each
person must illustrate the new phrase.
9. This continues with people alternating drawing and writing on each
consecutive piece of paper until the “book” travels around the circle to the
original author.


Exhibition Catalog Available