JIMMYBROOKS (Cassandra Troyan & Rachel Ellison)

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August 10th – August 25th, 2014

Presented under ResidencyX

August 14: Reading & Talktails 
August 23: Daddy's Cave

I put this make-up on in the morning

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JIMMYBROOKS is a Jewish Black-Canadian playing a handicapped high school student on a coming-of-age television show. 

JIMMYBROOKS is the re-incarnation, the phoenix rising to the heights of rap and R&B super stardom. 

JIMMYBROOKS is the becoming-identity of contemporary culture—as when one believes in the validity of her image, so will the world. 

To walk again. To rise to the impossibility of one’s calling. 

JIMMY BROOKS is a collaborative collective lead by Rachel Ellison and Cassandra Troyan whose practice is open to spontaneity and play. We met in graduate school at Uchicago and have been practicing becoming singular, plural ever since. We believe there is much to be gained through recognizing the inability to rise to society’s and one’s expectations. How that supposed failure gets positively reinstated as growth and change, with an amorphous realization that failure constructs the self. 

Started from the bottom now we’re here.

We reconstruct the boundaries between female identity, popular culture, voyeurism and spectatorship through means of performance, dance, writings, and video to formulate a heterogeneous subjectivity that seeks to create an identity out of the already present detritus of ever-fluctuating trends. We seek new capacities for feeling, and for the death of one love to change into another even after the touches and residues of all actions are gone.